Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space

From Scientist comes this serious double-CD of dubstep rhythms. One CD consists of ‘dubstep originals’ in the shape of 12 unreleased tracks from producers including Kode 9, Shackleton, Pinch and Mala; the other comprises Scientist’s mixes of the same rhythms.

It opens with Pinch (ft Emika) and the atmospheric ‘2010’, the synth intro opening out into a dubstep percussive sound, before reverting to its outer-spacey themes in the outtro. The Scientist mix adds much echo and a very heavy treatment of the rhythm to generate another take on the same track. Guido’s ‘Korg Back’, a fairly straightforward three chord rhythm, retains its simple structure in Scientist’s hands, along with a haze of electro sounds. The collection closes in cosmos style with ‘Abeng’ from Kode 9 and Spaceape, the feel justifying the ‘launch into outer space’ theme of this release. Overall it’s an ambitious bunch of tracks but interestingly it remains accessible to audiences that might not yet be fully signed-up to dubstep.

Although Scientist (Hopetown Brown) has been working in-dub since his mid-70s experience at King Tubby’s studio’s in Dromilly Road, Kingston, Jamaica, there is nothing retro about this urgent mix of ultra-contemporary dubstep rhythms and their unprecedented remixing and redefinition by one of the masters of the arts of dub.

Label boss Pinch says “This project has taken over a year to put together from its conception late last summer. The final results are worth every minute of effort that’s gone into this – this is definitely my proudest moment for Tectonic to date. The influence of dub swings round full circle”

The album is supported by a short UK and Ireland tour 18th – 25th November 2010: live, ‘SCIENTIST VS THE UPSETTERS’ with DJS Pinch, Mala, Loefah, and Pokes, beginning at Fabric, London before taking in Dublin, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Nottingham, Brighton and Bristol. On the tour Scientist will be live dub mixing rhythms from the one and only Upsetters, bringing past and present together.

Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space; double-CD, Tectonic Recordings, released 29th November 2010

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